Publié par : Gerald Bataille | 15 août 2007

Grand Reveil 2007 – In a few words…

MySpace Blog Entry by J. Gerald Bataille, Jr. – August 4, 2007

I spent the last 20+ hours in what turned into one continuous service. On the schedule was Revival 4pm, Night Watch till 5am, then continued fasting and prayer till noon. Practically everyone was there at every event… one after the other. The day was full of miracles and deliverance.

I ended up preaching last night instead. What God did in me while I spoke is another story that maybe one day I’ll be able to explain but for now I don’t really have words. Before I preached, we were worried about Dad’s voice. He hadn’t been able to talk without straining for more than a day. Those of you who have heard him, knows that he REALLY uses that voice. No amp necessary. Minutes before stepping up to preach I prayed for him and laid it in God’s hands. I told God that I would accept one of 2 miracles: either my dad get’s healed or God makes me fluent in creole really fast. Frere Chacha also prayed for him. When we stepped up to the microphone, sure enough his voice was the same. We contined by faith. Less than a minute later, only after a few phrases his intense, megaphone voice was back and God’s beautiful message was preached. It was definitely a message of God, as it continued to be preached until we let go at noon today, both directly and indirectly. I have a feeling it will be coming back too… especially after the last miracle at noon (keep reading).

After the service the whole army marched down the street to the school for a night of fasting and prayer. The school courtyard was packed, the rooms were packed, the second floor balcony was packed, and we even had people dancing on the roof (unfinished 3rd floor). There was not much else to say about this event except that God was definitely there with us. There was a lot of singing, laughing, crying, weeping, shaking, and delivering. AMAZING! At exactly midnight something came over the whole crowd all at once and we broke out into a chorus of:

« Sel Jezi ka fe sa!
Sel Jezi ka fe sa!
Sel Jezi ka fe sa! Sel Jezi ka fe sa!
Woy, Woy, Woy, Woy!
Woy, Woy, Woy, Woy! »

Translated, that means « Only Jesus can do this! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! » It was one of the most intense worship experiences of my life. The whole school was jumping, every bit of concrete was shaking. I have video, but it was dark… it couldn’t possibly capture the experience anyway.

Around 1:30 we broke off to seek God silently on our own (awake or in a dream, haha!) and at 4:30 we were all up again. Eyes wide, voices clear, praising God again as we marched to the next destination (the church at the corner). Once again, it was packed (though not as packed). That is where we stayed until noon. Praying, worshipping, hearing the word and testifying. There were many, many testimonies. Many. God worked hard last night.

At 11:55, right before we had our closing prayer, a young teen was led to the front. He was blind. (the word « was » is very important here). At first I didn’t hear why they brought him forward, but when I heard my dad praying for him to see I had to get in on the action. After we prayed we began to show him objects. He had been blind for a few years, but for the first time in years he was able to make out objects, shapes and colors. He also saw his big sister’s face for the first time in years. Praise God! Soon after he said his sister’s name the crowd broke out again: « Sel Jezi ka fe sa! Woy, Woy, Woy, Woy! » It was truly a sight to see. (I’ll be uploading that video on youtube soon under « sel jezi ka fe sa »)

The boy was not completely healed on the spot. I saw that his pupils were quite large. But we are pressing in to see his complete healing, believing that the next time we see him he will register our faces clearly. That last miracle also preached the message that God gave me all over again. God wants us to continue to believe for more… for bigger things. This was one way of him saying « stay hungry. » Imediately after that miracle, a man came and prophesied the very thing that God was saying to us: « we’re about to experience things that no one has ever seen. » He came that do to deliver that message, even before the healing took place. Once again the message was preached… stay hungry.

When dad spoke this morning, he gave us signs that the « true » revival that we have been looking for for years has officially started. The first sign was extreme signs of repentence. After the week of preaching about repentance people began to decide that they couldn’t come back without being reconciled to people they needed to forgive or ask forgiveness from. People started reaching way back (years) to fix these problems. There were stories of people being reconciled after many, many years even when the person who was offended had forgotten. Many tears have been shed in the process, and many sins have also been forgiven and forgotten.

On top of that, people from everywhere are already calling to get a touch of the fire we have found. The day before yesterday, we were on at least 5 radio stations in the U.S. and we continue to get tons of calls with testimonies of deliverence and healing (from NY, Boston, Miami, Canada, Pennsylvania, etc.), and more prayer requests for the church to cover. Some of the testimonies match specific prayer requests that we had received and prayed for. Praise God!

How did I find myself in the middle of this? I can’t think of a thing that I did to get to experience let alone participate. It’s amazing. All I did was simply follow my Leader. Sel Jezi ka fe sa. Sel Jezi ka fe sa!



  1. je suis nee dans une famille qui pratique le catholitisme, un jour j’ai pris la decision de me donner a CHRIST…en sortant de l’eglise un jour a mis chemin j’ouvre les yeux et je ne peux plus voir ,je fixe mon attention , je n’arrive pas a distinguer les choses tout autour de moi et comme si le pays entier etait tout blan, la ou je me tenais je fais cette priere:Seigneur je viens de ta maison et je sais que satan le diable n’a plus de pouvoir sur moi je te demande de me recouvrer la vue. immediatement j’ouvre les yeux et tout etait redevenu comme avant. j’exorte tout ce et toute celle qui desire marcher avec Dieu ne soyez pas peur car des votre naissance LE GRAND DIEU a tout preparer pour vous et n’oubliez jamais que Jesus a verser son sang pour vous donner la vie.

  2. je suis tres heureux d’avoir une chance d’or d’ajouter un mot aux compliments que vous meritez, Pasteur je souhaite que tout va bien pour vous dans le nom de Jesus.
    Travaillons de meiux en mieux a l’oeuvre du seigneur, cela ne sera jamais en vain.

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