Publié par : Gerald Bataille | 16 août 2007

Taking Authority, Claiming Ground

Today, we called the church to a fast. Often times, when churches in Haiti call a day of fasting and prayer, the people gather together but pray individually for their needs and desires. Jesus taught us not to worry about our homes, our food, our clothes or even our future (Matt 6:25-34). Our concern should be the Kingdom of God and all of our needs and desires will fall into place by the Grace and Mercy of God (verse 33). Poverty is the devil’s number one tool to distract God’s people from the Kingdom (wealth is the second), but at our church we fight diligently to keep kingdom matters in focus.

Last night’s viewing of the Transformations Documentary greatly aided us in keeping our focus on the battle at hand. In the story of a transformation of a community in Guatemala, the community faced extreme poverty, ramped crime, and bondage through alcoholism that touched nearly every family. When the church gathered to pray, they didn’t pray against these problems, they took authority over the evil spirits that lay at the root of all of these problems.

As the did this over a course of days, weeks, and months, alcoholism declined rapidly. All four of the town’s prison’s were emptied and finally closed because crime came to a halt. As a result of fasting, prayer, and consecration, a town that was once unable to sustain itself with its four truckloads of produce exports per year now exports a miraculous 40+ per week The fruits don’t only come in abundance, but also in miraculous proportions. Imagine a carrot the size of your arm. In this Guatemalan village, they exist.

That is what we are after here. We gather here together asking for God’s kingdom to come to us here (Matt 6:10), because we know that when it comes, every heavenly blessing is coming with it. That is what we seek daily, but today is a special day. Today is in which voodoo practitioners gather together all over Haiti to ask for the spirit, Harzulie, to descend. It’s a day that former President Aristide tried, through official mandate, to give to Satan forever.

But we, the church, have a greater mandate. We are under a greater authority than any earthly government. For this reason hundreds of us gathered here today in prayer. By the authority given to us by Jesus Christ, the son of God, redeemer of creation, and King of all who call themselves kings, we declare clarity in the skies of Port-au-prince, Petit Place Cazeau, Santo, Tabarre, and every other zone that the Lord has given this church charge over. In the name of Jesus Harzulie will never descend in this place again. Harzulie, go back to where you came from. You are no longer welcome here. This land, and everything & everyone in it, belongs to the Lord.

As a sign that the Kingdom of God is at work in our midst, the Lord sent in a woman (who doesn’t frequent our church) to testify of God’s power. This morning she left her house unable to stand or walk without help. She stood in front of the church as she waited to get on a taptap (taxi) to make her way to the doctor’s office to get medicine for the pain in her knees. Due to a series of complications she was unable to get the medicine. As she was returning home, she wondered how she would get through another day of the pain. That’s when the taptap showed up in front of our church to drop her off. Standing near the church, she turned to the person who was helping her that day and said « You can go on home without me. I’m going to get some medicine. » With that, she walked into the church. Only a short time later she was completely healed. When the call for testimonies was made, she was one of the first to jump to her feet to share her exciting news. She danced as she testified of God’s healing power. It was quite a sight to see. This was one of several healings that occurred today and this evening.



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