About GBM

History of the Church
“Jesus is Good, Voodoo is bad. Turn to Jesus.”

Literally, with this short sermon and the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit my first church began in 1971. These words were all I knew. I was only 16-years-old, but God was faithful to my step of faith and the rapid growth of the church soon overtook me. I had only been with the Lord for seven months, so at the Holy Spirit’s instruction I turned the church over to Pastor Gustave Rocourt of l’Eglise de Dieu de la Pantecote so the people could be properly fed. Under his care I was taught and groomed as a minister. Nine years and eleven church plants later, God’s vision for me led me in another direction. In 1979, l’Eglise de Dieu des Premiers Chrétiens was officially recognized as an independent ministry, and my family and I spent the next five years traveling the country preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1984, we settled in Petite Place Cazeau, which at the time was only a small village at the edge of Port-au-Prince. Our house was one of less than ten in the area. Everyone thought I had lost my mind when I decided to start my first permanent church in this unlikely location, but I was listening to God. God told me that if I listened to him he would bless me and increase my number like He did for Abraham. As always, God was faithful. Today, Petite Place Cazeau is like a city of its own. The church grew faster than the village and has spread even further. Today, there are 18 churches all across Haiti with more than 30,000 members nationwide, and more than 45,000 in attendance.

The church (the people) continues to grow faster than the buildings. The first church in Petite Place Cazeau had to split into two services in 2002, with some members meeting in the original building and the larger part meeting in the unfinished Tabernacle de Gloire. When finished, the Tabernacle will hold up to 8,500 people. Until this vision is complete, the church will continue to meet with the sky as its only rooftop, worshiping God whether under the starlight or under the hot Haitian sun.


Gerald Bataille Ministries (began in 1985) serves more than 30,000 members in 18 congregations and communities nationwide. Our messages also reach countless thousands around the country through my weekly radio spot on Haiti’s most popular Christian radio station, Radio Lumière. It covers 95% of Haiti and also webcasts to the world online.

Committed to preaching the gospel in every form, we walk out our faith through feeding and serving the poor and meeting the needs of our communities. The main church in Port-au-Prince (Petite Place Cazeau) engages the community in every way including hunger relief, hospital ministry, and even training and funding people in small business ventures.

Emmanuel Orphanage began in 1989 when my wife and I opened our tiny home to more than 60 children. Since then, more than 100 children have grown up and out of the orphanage in the last 18 years. Many have gone on to universities and are now successful and active citizens. The children who currently live in the orphanage receive food, shelter, an education, and spiritual family.

College Mixte Yahve Nissi began out of necessity when my second son, Feguens, came home with a note saying that he could not return because he would never learn. I rejected this report and believed that God would do something great with my son. We opened up a school to educate all of my children and anyone else who had need. As a personal testimony, my son became Dr. Feguens Bataille, M.D., as a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2006. College Yahve Nissi now has more than 1600 students in attendance and is regarded as one of the best in the area.

The Future
We are very excited about the future of this ministry. Throughout its history, we have seen God move every time there was a need or a vision. When 60 children needed a family, God stretched our means way beyond the realm of possibility to open up our home to them. When the Enemy was sent to discourage a child destined for the medicine profession, God opened up a door for him and many others that the world had said “no” to.

With the greatest needs ahead of us, we know that God isn’t going to stop providing now. We have a vision to reach Haiti 24/7 through our own radio station (90.5 FM, Radio Yahve Nissi) beginning in 2008. The church is experiencing unprecedented growth. The building to hold the people will take a lot more time, labor, and money, but God will provide. A larger congregation also calls for a larger staff. God will provide the laborers and the means to support them.

We have a vision to extend free tuition to more school children. How? God only knows. On top of that, the school building is growing, and services are expanding to include a larger library, a computer lab, and even a free music program complete with instruments and training. The orphanage is also expanding and there is talk of starting a new one for girls only. Our dreams have always been larger than our means. It’s this kind of faith that invites the miraculous. God has provided so far…

Our ministry also firmly believes that the future of Haiti is it’s youth. Most people look at Haiti’s youth and see chaos. Every day you hear more about drugs, AIDS, and crime rings that prey on young minds turning them into killers and kidnappers for a quick buck. In the midst of the chaos, we see hope because we see through the blood of Jesus that makes all things new. Our youth ministry in Port-au-Prince has hundreds of active youth serving the Lord and teaching their peers. The next steps in this area include creating a home to house street kids and create vocational programs that will prevent them from turning to a life of crime.




  1. Bonjour Pasteur je suis tres content que les choses vont a merveille et l’Eglise est en bonne etat je suis tres content prie pour moi car je le necessite aurevoir

  2. je suis tres contente ,de te reecrire encore,je me suis rentrer maintenant ds ta page ministries,je remercie a Dios et te felicite aussi pr ceux beaux travaillent qui ne sont pas facil en haiti .maintanant
    je te passe mon mari pour te saluer ,allo pasteur gerald bataille je suis pateur abraham joseph,mi mujer m, a bcp parle de vous Dios te bendiga mucho,j,espere un jour de te voir face a face saluez tous les membres de ton eglise de ma partet que Dieu leur benisse tous amen.
    j,ai responsable un groupe haitien a l,eglise assmblea de DIOS de la republique dominicaine je ne sais pas quand vous voulez entrer ici ,je serai a votre dispositionde te recevoir a mi casa.
    la prochaine fois on parlera d,avantage.
    y ke Dios te bendiga para sienpre amen
    Mr y Mme pasteur abraham joseph.

  3. C’est juste pour voir si c’bien si ca marche bien

  4. je voudrais savoir si tout est bien avec …

  5. Nou kontan anpil ke Bondye mete’w nan kominotea pou’w ede e avek ed ou anpil anpil moun arive beni ke Sila ki gen tout pouvwa a kenbe sante ou e prolonje lavi ou Mèvyè Bondye nan Legliz Premye Kretyen
    Nou renmenw anpil Pasteur, Papy, Grand Frère, Conseillé, Ami.

  6. c’est toujour un plaisir de vous entendre.Dieu vous a donne une tres grande capacite d’attablir la joie dans les coeurs attristes.merci pour tout et merci beaucoup.

  7. Reverend Gerald Bataille mon ame a ete benie
    par le service et surtout par la predication et je prie le seigneur pour vous combler de benedictions.Je suis GUILLAUME JEAN BAPTISTE
    de Camp Perrin jai fait mes etudes au aux Cayes
    au lycee. Je me souviens de clermont de maurice
    gabriel et de bataille .j’ai laisse le pays depuis 35
    ans .Est ce bien le jeune bataille que je connaissais a l’epoque merci .frere guillaume.

  8. Bonjour cher pasteur c’est avec toujour un plaisir de t’ecrire je vous souhaites paix joie dans le nom de jesus ok c’est moi wislande bareau depuis au venezuela

  9. Nou vreman kontan semenn ke nou pase nap adore, remesye Bondye pou yon moun ke nou renmen anpil. sa ki fem kontan plis se paske nou tout reyni nan yon sel objektivite nou tout ap pataje yon sel rev epi nou fe yon sel, non pa selman nan Jezi Kri menn nan tout sa nou ap antreprann « nou renmenw » pa selman yon fraz men se tout yon Istwa. Se pa selman Istwa Mnistè ou amen Istwa yon zonn, yon legliz, yon group jenn ki te pret pou dekouraje, yon fami ki rive konn Bodye. Frem ,Papy, Konseyem, Zanmim,Afem.

  10. hello! pasteur

  11. Nou di bondye mesi deske mete’n nan yon gran misyon ke wap dirije ke bondye fe tout bagay mache byen pou ou.Tankou ou abitye din nou kapab e nap diw mesi paske nou we nou kapab mesi pou tout konsey ou yo.Ou se papa pou nou Bondye ap remet ou sa

  12. Cher pasteur.
    mouin salue-ou nan nom Jesus, ke bon dieu beni-ou an nabonsans.,
    Mon cher,psteur Bataille mouin tap tande programe ou te gingnin nan l’Eglisa ou online
    le sa mouin tande email ou et mouin fe-ou
    ti parole sa yo.
    donk alords mouin se grou moun ke ou rekonin
    se frere en Christ Reneld Jean-baptiste.et mouin
    sign [Jeune aussi]Reneld Jeune.
    mouin se moune Saint-louis Du Sud a le pork sous Pasteur Josue Charles l’ami de soeur Alice
    ok ou oue ki les ator.
    MIn Paspeur Bataill ou pa mansionne de madan-
    ou apres li fine mouri ya min excuse si tout foi,
    mouin vin-n sou sa ak ou,se paske mouin kon-n
    angnin de kose yo.Map kite ou la mouin fe-ou ti
    memo sa pou-m fe-ou konnin mouin toujour tan
    de-ou, God bless you;Dieu vous benisse.Amen
    Se toujour ton frere en Christ Reneld J Baptiste.

  13. Hi Dad!!! I just want you to know that I love you and I am praying for you. I miss you and hope to talk to you soon

  14. salut pasteur bataille pour votre bon travail en Haiti, que dieu vous benisse
    william alexis

  15. Hi daddy!
    Moi personnellement je peux vous dire combien est grand cet homme que vous voyez la. je remercie Dieu de l’avoir mis sur mon chemin. Papi tu fais un travail extraordinaire partout dans le monde surtout en Haiti. Que Dieu continue a te benir et te proteger pour l’avancement de son travail qui ne fait que commencer.
    tu me manques beaucoup je t’aime tres fort papi cheri

  16. Hola Papi,
    Para mi es mas q una bendicion conocerte y de ser su hija.Gracias por tus consejos y tus palabras q compartiste conmigo, fueron de mucha edificacion y bendicion en mi vida. Que nuestro Señor siga renovando sus fuerzas fisicas y epirituales para seguir trabajando por establecer el Reino de Nuestro DIos en la tierra y seguir siendo de bendicion de los jovenes en este mundo. Cuidese y hasta pronto. bendiciones.

  17. Cela a ete vraiment un appel de Dieu car cette communaute en avait grand besoin. Majeur partie de cette localite est benie a partir de ce ministere, tout le mondepeut le temoigner. Moi particulierement, je suis un exemple. Et je peux dire avec assurance que cette communaute continuera a etre benie a partir de ce ministere.

  18. C’est vraiment une grace de Dieu l’instauration de ce ministere dans cette communaute, parlant de petite place cazeau car presque tout le monde de cette localite peut en temoigner. Moi personnellement je suis un exemple concret de la benediction de Dieu a travers ce ministere. Et j’en suis convaincu que cette localite et Haiti toute entiere continuera a etre benit a partir de ce ministere.

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